CIRCOIL – a unique Czech technology that enables the recycle (regenerate) used (waste) industrial oils and based of them to produce industrially usable oils with specific quality requirements. CIRCOIL is a progressive and environmentally beneficial technology that fits into the so-called circular economy, which is a key area of ​​the Green Deal for Europe.

The CIRCOIL recycling station is designed for the recycling of used oils generated in industry, mines, power plants, transport, etc., it means in places where industrial oils are used, such as hydraulic, bearing, turbine, compressor, transmission, cooling, etc. The great advantage of the device is that it also allows you to recycle mineral and synthetic oils together, except motor oils. The device can effectively remove dirt, water, carbon particles, peroxides and others. The device can efficiently process used demulsification mixtures. The device also recycles biodegradable oils.

CIRCOIL recycling technology has been verified for 2 years as part of full operation in the processing of waste oils, and is certified for use in EU countries (European homologation – declaration of conformity from TÜV SÜD Czech certification company).


Technical parameters:

  • used oil processing capacity: 2,500 – 10,000 kg / day
  • production of recycled oil: up to 2,250,000 liters / year
  • yield after recycling: approx. 80 – 85%
  • allows the recycling of oils up to base oils


The CIRCOIL recycling station can also be delivered as a mobile device in two 40ft shipping containers.


Who is the CIRCOIL recycling station primarily intended for?

  • Commercial companies dealing with waste disposal and recycling
  • Municipal and state enterprises in the field of waste management
  • Producers and processors of oils


The CIRCOIL recycling station is manufactured in the Czech Republic and is delivered to all countries within the European Union. Delivery time 3 – 8 months.


Are you interested?
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